Water Damage Chastain GA, Flood Damage Repair and Sewage Cleanup

Water is critical to life but sometimes water can be very destructive, leaving you with a huge mess to clean up. As a business owner or homeowner, it is important to understand which areas water can seriously damage. here are some places water can affect drywall, insulation, wood, framing, floor, electrical wiring, pipes, and appliances.

You should determine whether you should clean up the water damage yourself or call in the water damage restoration professionals to perform the water removal and water damage cleanup process. The first thing you should do is evaluate the situation and consider some factors. If the amount of water is small or moderate, you can usually do the water damage cleanup process yourself if you have the right equipment. If the damage seems pretty significant you should most likely call a water damage restoration company. Light damage can usually be handled by the homeowner, however, significant damage can be hazardous and dangerous to repair by yourself.

Here are some tips on how to do water damage yourself if you need to. The first thing to do when you discover water damage in your home or business is to unplug all electronics immediately. Obviously, water and electricity don’t mix well. 

Next, you are going to want to dry out the area, you should remove any standing water with a combination of buckets and mops. Using fans and dehumidifiers helps a lot too. Then you are going to want to remove all damaged materials. If any of your porous materials are soaked with water you need to dispose of them to avoid mildew. Depending on where the water came from it could contain a lot of bacteria that could cause health problems or encourage the growth of mold so it is important to sanitize immediately. Spray and wipe down all surfaces with bleach so the mold doesn’t grow before you begin repairs. 

Finally, you can begin repairs to get your property back to normal. Hopefully, the damage was small so you have fewer repairs to be done and you could possibly finish all by yourself. If the mess is big enough you may have to call in a restoration company to repair and remodel for you. They have the necessary experience to handle the situation. Some professional equipment can be rented, like air movers, industrial humidifiers, and humidity meters to measure how much humidity is left. 

After reading this article you should now have a brief idea of how to spot, restore, and repair water damage on your property. Remember time is of the essence and you should call the proper water damage restoration or mold remediation companies if needed.

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