I must tell you how pleased we are with all you did. You came to our home promptly when we needed you, and stayed as long as it took to get done what was needed at a very critical time. You and Scott worked long and hard to restore our home, and I trusted you and your work. Again, thank you for being there for us.

— Sandy Schafer

I had major water damage to my basement due to a busted water heater. I called Water Pro, Inc and within two hours, Andy was at my residence assessing the damage. He then told me what I was facing and started cleaning put my basement. Within hours he had all the furniture, gym equipment, books and etc. off the floor and placed in dry areas. He was able to get the job done in a timely manner and restore life, as I know it. Thanks Water Pro, Inc. for a job well done!

— Rodney Savage Satisfied Homeowner

I can’t thank you enough for the many ways in which you helped us during our two floods. Your professionalism, kindness, and compassion were more than I’d ever experienced from any contractor. You worked tirelessly and without complaint throughout the Christmas holidays, over a two-week period. I commend you and sincerely thank you for your great work! I highly recommend your company to anyone who values professionalism, courteousness, and expert water restoration services.

— Elizabeth Dommond

During a time when it seems nothing is going right, it is a pleasure and relief to deal with conscientious service providers as Andy Foray and the Water Pro Team. Thank you for your time and attention.

— Thomas Erickson

When my home suffered a broken pipe, I called on Water Pro’s services and found the service to be prompt, courteous and professional. Mr. Foray went so far as to help prevent similar incidents from happening. Having practiced law in the insurance defense field, I can say with confidence that Water Pro’s services are highly recommended.

— Mark Lefkow Attorney at Law

Our world had been turned upside down when we got home April 8, 2005, and (Water Pro) came the next day to rip out carpet, sheetrock, and flooring which had been ruined. They were very punctual to keep appointments to check moisture levels inside our house. In summary, (Water Pro) was knowledgeable, efficient, professional and courteous. Thank you for making our recovery a little bit easier.

— Jerry Waddell

The septic backed up into the house late Saturday and we were frantic. After calling a plumber and correcting the backup dilemma, we were left with a mess in our finished basement. Andy was pleasant to deal with, had a nice demeanor and went out of his way to make sure we were not any more inconvenienced by our septic dilemma.

— Mayra Sierra, A very satisfied customer

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